About Us


Amanda Charming is an online boutique specializing in girl princess dress clothing, based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a family-owned and operated business, established by our founder, Anna. The birth of her princess baby, Amanda, inspired her to start the Amanda Charming clothing brand, dedicated to designing and producing stunning little girl princess dresses and accessories.

Our mission is to celebrate and cherish the precious years of childhood by offering magical dresses that ignite joy, fuel imagination, and encourage self-expression. Amanda Charming aims to fulfill every little girl's dream of being the princess they love.

We believe joy should also be shared with less fortunate children. At Amanda Charming, we contribute a portion of our profits to support underprivileged local families in Vietnam, providing for their children's food and school fees. Our greatest joy and fulfillment come from bringing smiles to children around the world.


    Every stitch and every thread woven into our dresses tells a story of masterful handcrafted elegance. Our skilled artisans pour their heart into each dresses, ensuring your baby princess feels like royalty in every way.


    To achieve the fluffy effect, each princess dress is crafted with multiple layers of high-quality fabric. All of our materials are 100% locally sourced and grown in Vietnam, ensuring consistent quality control.


    All dresses are designed in Australia by our highly creative and skilled designers. We actively seek feedback from our customers and stay updated with the latest trends to craft the most charming princess dresses.


    The soaring cost of living in Vietnam has left many local families facing financial hardships. Minimum 5% profits go back to the local families, specifically to support their children's food and school fees.

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