Care Instructions


All Amanda Charming’s dresses are carefully handcrafted with love and passion. It is our wish to see they last for years and years. To ensure the longevity and beauty of your dress, we kindly urge you to follow the care instructions provided below. These guidelines are crafted to help you preserve the quality and charm of your garment, allowing you to enjoy it for many wonderful years to come.

  • Straight out of the box, we suggest hanging the garment in its own space to help any creases or wrinkles fall out of the fabric.

  • To get the best out of your princess dress, fluff up the skirt layer by layer and give it a good shake to ensure maximum volume!

  • Between wears, we recommend spot-cleaning any marks on the dress, or a very gentle cold hand wash if absolutely necessary.

  • All of our garments can be steamed only at a moderate temperature and safe distance of 15cm between the garment and the steamer.

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  • We strongly advise no bleaching. Bleaching can cause irreversible damage and discoloration to our high quality garments.

  • Tumble drying can potentially cause unwanted shrinkage or damage to the fabric. Instead, we recommend drip dry or hang dry for best results.

  • To maintain the pristine condition of our garments, we advise no ironing. Ironing may risk damaging the fabric or altering its original form.

  • Dry cleaning can damage the fabric's apperence. A gentle cold hand wash is highly recommended to maintain garment's quality.

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